¿Has visto la peli 7 Prisioneros?

7 prisioneros (2021) - Filmaffinity

¿Has visto la peli 7 Prisioneros?
Una corta reseña

Peli brasileña dirigida por Alexandre Moratto (Sócrates, 2018) que aunque pasó por algunos festivales de cine ahora la distribuye Netflix. Se destacan los actores brasileños Rodrigo Santoro (300, 2006), y Christian Malheiros (Sócrates, 2018).

7 Prisioneros (titulo original 7 Prisioneiros) hecha en 2021, diría yo que es del género realismo socialista y también del cine que llaman “slice of life”. Se basa en la lucha de clases en Brasil, vista desde el punto de vista de la vida de un chaval de dieciocho años, Mateus, (Christian Malheiros) y de otros tres chicos, todos pobres campesinos marginados que apenas tienen para comer. Viven en el campo y en la miseria hasta que un personaje, aparentemente de la confianza de los tres, los convence a ir con él a São Paulo donde les espera un buen trabajo o sea, el futuro.

Pero todo era mentira. Cuando llegan a Sao Paulo son llevados a un polígono industrial donde los obligan a currar en un negocio de chatarra que lo dirige un tal Sr. Lucas (Rodrigo Santoro). Enseguida los chicos comienzan a darse cuenta que han sido víctimas de un engaño. Lucas en cortos días los convierte en esclavos, los amenaza de muerte, no solo a ellos pero también a sus familias y Mateus se da cuenta que este negocio lo dirige una mafia que está por todas partes de São Paulo.

Los guionistas, (Thayná Mantesso, Alexandre Moratto), crean, dentro de ese almacén de chatarra, donde transcurre casi toda la peli, un micro-cosmos donde todo lo rige una mafia. A mí esto se me parece mucho al sistema marxista-leninista que le imponen los comunistas a la ciudadanía cuando se apoderan de un país. EL estado lo es todo y el pueblo, que ellos llaman la masa, tiene que obedecer, trabajar y callarse la boca. El trabajo no lleva a mejor vida, sino que es obligación para cumplir con las demandas del estado. El proletario bueno es el que…como hizo Mateus…se adapta y se une al patrón y así logra algunas recompensas. El que se resiste…el proletario malo…recibe castigos y más trabajo.

En este mundo, aberrado y horroroso, nada cambia, nada mejora. Aquí, construyendo el comunismo, siempre serás esclavo. Pero si vendes tu moral y tu cultura y te unes al partido/sistema y te conviertes en un sicario como Lucas, vivirás un poco mejor, pero jamas serás hombre libre. Los demás seguirán arrastrando sus cadenas.

Para mi 7 Prisioneros es una peli de propaganda. Se ve cómo, a través del condicionamiento operante, Mateus cambia y se convierte en un ser tan despreciable como Lucas. Me da la impresión que quieren decirnos que hay seres que deben ser esclavos y otros que tienen el derecho a esclavizarnos…

7 prisioneros» (2021): con balas o sin ellas | Crítica - La Ciclotimia
(Foto de La Ciclotimia, Revista de cine)
Qué ver en Netflix?: esta es la mejor película de supervivencia que vas a  encontrar en la plataforma | Crónica | Firme junto al pueblo
(Foto de Crónica)


  1. equipsblog says:

    Interesting interpretation, Francisco. I have not seen or heard of the movie and do not disagree with your interpretation. It seems like another form of human trafficking to me, not that I know anything beyond what I hear in the media. Undocumented workers are supposedly also kept in similar conditions from what I have read and heard.

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    1. I think the movie is worth spending the two hours and it is on Netflix. It uses human trafficking and slave labour to create a microcosm of what life would be like if one lived in a communist country, where you are rewarded not for your good work but for your submission and loyalty to the party…Thank you so much, all the best.

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      1. equipsblog says:

        Don’t have a Netflix account.

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      2. Oh, ok… 😶

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  2. Easymalc says:

    I haven’t seen the film Francesc so I can only go by what you say. . If Had seen it I’m sure there would be a lot I would want to say too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s true Malc. It’s a good film and worth the two hours (or less) if nothing because you will see a classic case of behaviour modification and the creation of a microcosm of what living in a communist “paradise” is. Thank you my friend and all the best.

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  3. spwilcen says:

    Aware of your strong anti-communist feelings I respect your opinions and value that your politics comes not from blind belief in a person or party but in human experience. Thank you for putting your thoughts out there for consideration. Apparently a confirmed misanthrope, I consider most of humankind of little genuine value. Oppressors come in all sizes and shapes, wear different uniforms. Some at least are honest (evil but honest, not in an admirable way, but open in their aims). Too many others are despicable, dressed as presentable businessmen, politicians, clergy, and the neighbor across the street. Unfortunately (speaking as a misanthrope) the ills of mankind will not go away until the virus that is mankind is eradicated. Pretty radical, no? Good read, this morning, Francisco. Thank you.

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    1. I must agree with you Espie, a bit radical, no? But the idea is solid, right and logical. I agree, oppressors come in all uniforms, sizes and shapes but with communism you know they will always be the oppressors and the violators of human rights. I am glad you liked it, maybe you will take a look at the picture, it’s worth seeing it, but I tell you it depicts a classic, text-book example of behaviour modification and creates a world not unlike the one that the communists regimes create in the countries they absorb, rule and destroy. All the best to you my friend.


  4. jonicaggiano says:

    We plan to watch this movie tonight at the beach. Thanks for the review Francisco, really nice job. Communism is a form of slavery in the sense that you don’t have the option of making your own choices. Your freedom is taken away from you.

    I have two grandchildren who were slaves and found tied up to a bed in a grass hut. Luckily they have a loving family now and are beloved by many people.

    As of 2021 there were up to 40 (estimated) million slaves worldwide. As children there is not likely as many opportunities to get away, or improve living conditions. I always think of indentured slavery where people are lured in by promises but then never have an opportunity of a better life. Great points and I certainly agree with your comments Francisco. Blessings, Joni

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    1. Dear Joni, I hope you enjoy the film, it is a valid one to watch, well worth investing a couple of hours. The story deals mostly with how they use…abuse…of the poor to make them slaves, but to me it shows how behaviour modification through conditioning is used successfully to turn people away from their beliefs and morals and convert them into slave-drivers. This is very common in communist countries, where you are rewarded not because you are good at what you do, but because you are faithful to the Party and the State, because for the communists god is the state. Although this movie, supposedly, is not a political movie, it does touch upon a subject that is highly political and it uses the praxis of communism to take us from accepting Mateus as a victim to seeing him as a cruel slave-driver. Thank you so much Joni for this information. I am so glad that your grandchildren were saved from their misfortune. I can only thank God there are many people out there now looking out for this and making sure that the perpetrators are punished. I remember taking many courses…in the Coast Guard…about human trafficking and how to spot and identify such action and how to proceed. Take good care Joni and all the best, with our love to you and Scott.

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      1. jonicaggiano says:

        Thank you Francisco this is such a wonderful summation of this movie. We watched a lot of movies about political oppression. We did not watch yet but plan to while on the coast. I bet you did have to look and train all about drug and human trafficking while serving in the coastguard. Thank you for pointing out a film that makes people politically aware. We should all cherish our freedom. Love and hugs to you both my friends. ❤️🤗🥰

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      2. Thank you Joni, for your kind words and you are so right, freedom is something that we must cherish and protect. Our love to you both. All the best,

        Liked by 1 person

      3. jonicaggiano says:

        You are so very welcome. It is always such a blessing to read your words, listen to your music or view your amazing artworks. Love to you both from the Oregon Coast. ❤️

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  5. You have my interest on this one fella.

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    1. Check it out CB, let me know what you think. Cheers

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